We recently had this 2016 Audi A6 2.0 diesel at our car garage in Finglas. The customer had a complaint of a Engine warning light and a Dpf warning light.

Our trained mechanics also noted that the adblue warning was also on the dashboard. As part of the Dpf doctor network we were able to put our training straight to work.

Using or Audi dealer level tooling we were able to find that p2002 and p2458 were stored. We then tested the blocked Dpf filter and examined all engine data

We confirmed with our assessment that the Dpf was not blocked and this car did not need a Dpf cleaner at all. We were then able to see that from the data, using our diagnostics trainingvthat the engine had a fault that was causing the system to stop operating correctly.

We repaired the performance fault and carried out a Audi software update. Road tested to confirm repair. The customer received a first time fix from Larkin automotive. Other garages could only offer Dpf removal or a Dpf clean , but using our training and tooling we could offer a repair solution.

For all engine warning light diagnostics and Dpf cleaning call the workshop 01-8346499