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Do you know your car air conditioning needs to be serviced every two years? 60% of you are driving with poor performing air conditioning.

The benefits of regular air conditioning service

By servicing and reading your air-con system, you can

• Breath cleaner air by removing 80% of dust and toxins
• Help relieve Asthma & Hay fever
• Reduce build-up of Bacteria & fungi spores in vents
• Improve fuel consumption
• Keep glass clear & clean
• Calm young children on long hot journeys
• Avoid costly repair bills

car air conditioning service Dublin

How much does it cost to fix your air conditioning in your car?

It, by and large, incorporates replacing a couple of parts like hoses, sensors, or either the compressor or condenser. It will be around $171-$727 for minor cooling fixes, at a normal expense of $488. Broad auto air conditioning fixes can cost $1,000-$4,000 or more, contingent upon make and model.

How long does it take to fix AC in the car?

If you’d like to receive an estimate, which would include the estimated labor hours along with replacement parts and supplies, Generally speaking, the job itself takes about 3 to 5 hours to complete.

How do you know if your car AC needs to be recharged?

The most common symptom is loos in cooling capability. You will notice that your AC is lost its overall cooling capacity. Visible signs of refrigerant leaks are another signal to you that you need to recharged your car AC.

How long does an air-con recharge take?

An air con recharge means to remove the old gas and refill with fresh refrigerant. We will take 40 minutes of your valuable time. We have a quality automatic air-con servicing machine.


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