Our innovative quick Car Scratch Repair service in Dublin is the most practical method of restoring the estimation of your car. Just a minor car scratches can, and stone chips lead to interminable disintegration of your paintwork. Car Door scratch repairs are regular as your doors take somewhat of a battering in restricted parking spaces. In any case, the uplifting news is, using the most recent laser-focused on car scratch repair framework, we can repair your car at a small amount of the cost charged. Ordinarily, a Car Cosmetix scratch repair will take only 6-8 hours to finish. During the repair procedure, shading matching is attempted to the maker’s determination, restoring your car’s paintwork to pristine condition. What’s more, we will make the entire procedure HASSLE FREE for you.

The Scratched Area Will Look New Again. We Guarantee It!

car scratch repair Dublin

Car Scratch Repair in Dublin Cost:

On-the-spot fixes for scrapes and scratches are typically exceptionally moderate, costing around £100 to £200 for minor damage to a solitary board, and once in awhile surpassing £500.

We do,


The smallest brush against an entryway post or divider, and you end up with Scuffed Paint Work at the edge of your vehicle. The profundity and area of the scraped paint will decide the fix procedure. Notwithstanding, you might be fortunate and just require a minor fix.


There is nothing more irritating than to return to your vehicle to discover the PaintWork Has Been Keyed. Try not to surrender. It tends to be arranged.

Shockingly, Stone Chips to your vehicle’s paintwork can’t be dodged mainly if you drive on optional streets or stall out behind enormous trucks. Extra time these stone chips to your vehicle paintwork develop, and if they have sliced through to the metal, they should be fixed as it won’t be long until you begin to see rust and then the cost of having your paintwork repaired begins to mount. As a temporary measure to stay away from rust creating, you can spot the profound stone chips with a little drop of clear nail varnish.

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