We’ve worked so hard to obtain that dream car so it’s only proper that we take good care of it. A well-taken care of vehicle will also in return get us from point A to point B without any delay, hassle, or problems.

We must make sure that each component of our car is always accounted for to reduce the risk of it stalling on us or worse, cause an accident. A well-maintained car is a happy car and will in turn be a pretty good investment.

General Car Maintenance

Here are 5 tips on general car maintenance and how to keep it running in top condition.

1. Check your engine

Your engine is like the heart that pumps life into your car. So it should be on top of your priority list to maintain regularly. As you may already know, the engine has a lot of components and we’re going to try and discuss some of the most important aspects that you need to be aware of.

First is to always check the oil regularly. Your car’s engine involves a lot of rotating and moving parts so it must always be well-lubricated for it to run properly. The oil prevents friction that eventually causes mechanical wear as well as carbon and sludge buildup that will definitely take its toll on your engine.

Sometimes, there are leaks and oil burns off the surface of the components of your engine and that’s not good news. That’s why you need to change the oil regularly. The rule is you should always change oil every 3 months or once you’ve traveled 3000 miles on your car.

Aside from oil, you should always make sure to keep your engine cool by making sure coolant levels are intact and there are no leaks. You should check the timing belt and replace worn drive belts as needed. Change spark plugs too whenever necessary and clean all the filters too.

Trust us, a regular tune-up goes a long way. Also, don’t forget to check up on your car battery. Knowing how to handle your car’s battery will also do wonders when it comes to maintaining it. And don’t forget to clean the external of your engine.

2. Keep it clean inside and out

This is probably the easiest thing that you can do for your car. Cleaning your car doesn’t require a visit to your trusted car mechanic, you probably won’t even need to visit a carwash for this.

When you clean your car, you should clean it externally and internally. So, you’ve washed your car, what are the components that you need to check? When you clean your windshield you need to check if your windshield wipers need replacement.

Also, check up on your lights. Make sure they are not obstructed and that they illuminate in full every time you need them. This prevents a ton of accidents so replace your indicator bulbs when needed. Always protect your headlights.

Also, clean your car’s upholstery too. Buy a convenient car vacuum cleaner or any tool that may help you clean the insides of your vehicle thoroughly. You also want it smelling good at all times.

3. Regular maintenance and checkup for the rest of the components

Now that you’ve covered the engine and your car is clean, let’s take a look at the rest of your vehicle. What are the other things that you need to consider?

Well, for one, you need to check up on your tyres to prevent accidents. So check your tyre’s pressure regularly. Also, get them rotated and balanced. You also have to make sure that the cooling system of your car is working.

And most of all, check on your brakes. Most of the time, the culprit for a malfunctioning brake is damaged brake pads or leaking brake fluid so be sure to check up on those. If the brake fluid is already dark in colour then it may be time for a replacement.

4. Always carry your tools with you

If you can, carry automotive tools with you all the time. This enables you to address any problems in your car right away and at the same time fix it on your own if you face any car trouble on the road.

So, what should be included in your toolbox? Here are a few:

· Thick gloves

· Heat resistant and waterproof silicone tape

· Electrical tape

· Wire cutters

· Screwdrivers

· Tongue and groove pliers

· Flashlight

· Knife

· Jack and axle stands

· Wrenches

· Oil pan

· Trolley jack

· Wheel/lug wrench

· Jumper cables

· Fire extinguisher

5. Drive as you care

The last tip is to drive with care. This means that you drive safely and always observe the rules of the road. Needless to say, the more you avoid accidents the better it is for your car.

Avoid fast takeoffs, sharp quick turns, quick braking, getting over bumps at high speeds, and hard shifting. Little by little, these habits take its toll on your car so always try to avoid them whenever you can.