Our Motorways in Ireland are one of the safest roads we have. However Motorway Breakdown’s, Motorway Puncture’s or a Blowout can be quite a dangerous situation.

Larkin automotive offer Motorway rescue, Mobile Puncture repairs, Mobile Tyre Fitting and Recovery service’s and here are some tips if you find yourself in this situation.

Motorway recovery
  • Pull onto the hard shoulder stopping as far to the left as possible with your steering turned to the left. Put your sidelights on and use your hazard lights. If there is no hard shoulder, do not attempt to place any warning device on the motorway. Put your hazards lights on and leave the vehicle when safe to do so.
  • Leave your vehicle from the left hand door, it’s advised to carry a reflective jacket. If there is a bank or barrier, it’s advised to find the safest place clear of the motorway.
  • Do not attempt to carry out any repairs, passing vehicles are travelling at a high speed and the slightest mistake could be fatal.
  • Using your mobile phone call our 24hr rescue service on 01-8346499, our dedicated Recovery truck and Mobile Tyre Fitting unit are operated by trained staff.

We will be able to repair your tyre so you can continue on your journey or we can recover your vehicle safely. We are located on Junction 5 on the m50; we have rapid response to all Motorway breakdowns on the M50, M1, N2 & N3 motorways.