General Car Maintenance – 5 Tips to Keep Your Car New

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We’ve worked so hard to obtain that dream car so it’s only proper that we take good care of it. A well-taken care of vehicle will also in return get us from point A to point B without any delay, hassle, or problems. We must make sure that each component of our car is always accounted [...]

What to Look for in a Quality Car Repair Service?

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Finding a car repair service that not only ensures great quality work every time you pay them a visit but, at the same time, technicians that you can trust to take extra care of your vehicle can be challenging. For most people, their vehicle is an extension of their family or of who they are, so [...]

Mobile Tyre fitting Dublin

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Call out Tyre service Dublin Mobile Tyre fitting Dublin is operated by Larkin automotive in Finglas , we offer a call out Tyre fitting and call out puncture repair in Dublin.Our mobile Tyre fitting unit comes to you.  We offer new tyres from premium to budget brands. So if you have a flat tyre or require [...]

Audi A6 diagnostics Fault p2002 & p2458

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We recently had this 2016 Audi A6 2.0 diesel at our car garage in Finglas. The customer had a complaint of a Engine warning light and a Dpf warning light. Our trained mechanics also noted that the adblue warning was also on the dashboard. As part of the Dpf doctor network we were able to put [...]

Timing Belt Replacement Dublin

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The job of the timing belt is to keep various moving parts of the engine in harmony. Timing belt replacement is very important and failure can result in costly repairs. Costs can vary from €200 to €600 depending on make and model. At our Dublin based garage we have the special equipment and knowledge to replace [...]

Dpf Cleaning Dublin

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The Dpf Doctor has arrived at Larkin Automotive, Dpf cleaning Dublin couldn't be simpler and you can be assured that your vehicles blocked dpf is been repaired by trained Dpf Specialist. Larkin Automotive is now part of an accredited network with technical training and information. We don't just offer Dpf cleaning, we offer solutions! We will [...]

Motorway Breakdown

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Our Motorways in Ireland are one of the safest roads we have. However Motorway Breakdown’s, Motorway Puncture’s or a Blowout can be quite a dangerous situation. Larkin automotive offer Motorway rescue, Mobile Puncture repairs, Mobile Tyre Fitting and Recovery service’s and here are some tips if you find yourself in this situation. Motorway recovery Pull onto [...]

Helping the Homeless

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Helping the homeless this Christmas, we promoted our tyre sales to raise much needed funds , We were delighted to raise over €600.00 and donated to the “Bridges of hope, homeless outreach” programme. Colm is the heart of this programme and our donation will go towards providing sleeping bags and much needed supplies to those in [...]

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